Clear Satellite, DIRECTV's largest retailer, officially conceived Clear Solar in late 2014 and officially launched in January of 2015.

Clear Solar has assembled a team of leaders with over 15 years of solar experience. Between the primary leadership at Clear Solar, several megawatts of solar energy systems have been sold and installed across the United States, both residentially and commercially.

Clear Solar has brought together a team with unique experience that allows them to see the solar industry different from other companies. What sets Clear Solar apart from the competition is that every leader within the company understands the importance of timely execution, maintaining integrity and the highest quality of standards within the industry.

We understand that taking care of our people, both customers and employees, will be one of our differentiating keys to long-term success. To us putting people first is more than a bold statement that looks good on paper, it is a necessity.

We have already marketed our business across many platforms and are excited to expand our team. We look forward to the endless opportunities that will come by partnering with you.